Young Living Essential Oils

I am an avid essential oils user and have been for almost 20 years.

Thanks to my great friends, Sharon and Les, my first treatment with oils left me feeling alive, confident and hopeful for my future for the first time in many months.. I truly believe that the introduction of Young Living essential oils to my life saved me and not just in the physical realm. I feel that my whole being has shifted emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well because I took a chance and purchased an incredible Raindrop Technique massage package.

I have experimented with other oils as well and there are so many great choices out there now. As we become more educated and more research is done we will continue to see changes, sometimes good sometimes not so good.

Distillation is a very delicate process and it is crucial to the oil quality and potency to do it right. Young Living has very strict quality standards, from seed to seal, and I have loved using them over the years.

I have compiled a list of my favorite products and am giving you a brief description as to why I love them. Essential oils can take the place of many toxic and/or harmful substances around your home but still keep it 99% germ-free.

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Some of my favorite Young Living products

Wintergreen winter-green-oil-image

This oil has a wonderful, cooling scent and feel on the skin. This happens to be an oil the my body LOVES! it is generally regarded as an oil that should be diluted on the skin but for some reason, I can just slather it on..My skin adores it and so do my joints. It cools and soothes my joint tissue and helps me feel more flexible.

deep-relief-roll-onDeep Relief Roll On

This is an easy to apply oil blend that has helped me so much over the years with pain and stiffness. In a coconut oil base, this combination includes wintergreen and Peppermint, which combat inflammation and Rue for help with immune function and regeneration of tissues. Perfect for injury, sports recovery or any type of pain.

thieves-dentarome-ultra-ylwebsite-shadow-smaller223pxThieves Ultra Toothpaste

I would not be without this product, EVER! Not only does it keep my teeth white, but it kills germs in the process for a healthy mouth and gums. I use it every day and have had great checkups as a result.

thieves-hand-sanitizer-ylwebsite-shadowThieves Waterless Hand Purifier

I carry this with me everywhere! It smells so delicious and kills germs, viruses and bacteria with the thieves oil blend. Another must have.. throw it in your purse or back pocket and use it as an invisible glove of protection for you and your family.

Thieves Cleaner

This is a concentrated cleaner that can be used all around the house, in specific solution, for almost everything. Well, actually everything, from the dishwasher to the laundry. It has a chart on the side of the bottle that gives you specific ratios. It makes everything smell fresh, clean and a bit “cinnamonish”, which I am addicted to.

stress-away-roll-onStress-Away Roll On

This oil has such a wonderful scent! The combination of vanilla and lime makes me gaga!! I absolutely love rolling this on my pulse points on my wrists for a relaxing and stress-free (at least it feels more like it) day.

thieves-mouthwash-ylwebsite-shadowThieves Mouthwash

Another must have for oral care. Keep your mouth fresh and clean, without the harsh chemicals many other products of this type contain.