Essential Oils and Cancer

It is sad but true that cancer is becoming an increasingly common occurrence.. Essential oils have shown some efficacy in aiding cell function in such a way that the cell reverts back to its original state of balance. Releasing metabolic waste and absorbing essential nutrients are a recipe for healthy living..

Our toxic environment, emotions and DNA mutation seem to be some of the factors bringing on many more instances of cancer, of all types, throughout the body. At any given moment, we all have cancer or mutated cells but, in general, our immune system can rebuild and reproduce in such a way that we don’t have to develop a full-blown case.

Essential oils and cleansing  can help with that!

I found a great article on the effects of frankincense on bladder cancer cells. It is so exciting to see this kind of research coming out on a more regular basis! Click here to read the article and begin your healing by ordering top quality, therapeutic-grade oils.

I hope this makes inspires you to do more research, find your own healing tools and look to nature for solutions. I have enjoyed my healing journey, no matter how painful it has been, because I have learned so many incredible things, met so many incredible people and I believe that we all have something to learn in this life or we would not be here on planet Earth

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