The SACRED system was designed to help facilitate transformation of the entire energy field to align with awakening to a higher consciousness, discerning divine truth, integrating the energies of pure love and applying Universal principles of the new (unity) paradigm.

It is an interactive enlightenment program developed on the premise that when all parts of the human being are addressed and honored in an integrative manner, spiritual expansion happens in the most profound and authentic way. Utilizing sacred geometry, affirmations, visualizations and crystal technology you will upshift your energetic capacity and move toward enlightenment.
For more information download the PDF and contact me for more information or to schedule your course.

Each Class Includes:

  • Approximately 1.5 hours of instruction
  • Class materials encoded crystal card tool and handouts
  • Practitioner guided exercise or activation
*these classesaretaught by independent certified IHS practitioners.They are extension classes that coordinate with the SACRED program or they stand alone as spiritual teachings and tools. The cost is $79per class.

Essential Oils Interview Packages $19

Nine amazing interviews with Global Thought Leaders (plus bonus interview in each package) for over 5 hours of incredibly useful content in each package! Valued at over $500!

*does not include free gifts

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